Computerized Longarm Quilting

We offer quilting service using our Innova computerized longarm machine, we have numerous designs to choose from and ae adding to our collection weekly. If you do not see what you are looking for contact us as it might not be displayed yet.

We will work with you if you are having difficulty on choosing a design or thread color. We want your project to be a success.

We have 10+ years experience with our machine and are quilters too so we know what you are expecting.

Longarm Machine Pricing

Out prices are calculate by the area of your quilt top. Example, at top that is 67" wide and 72" long has an area of 67x72 or 4896 square inches.
The price per square in is 0.0175 (1 and 3/4 cents) which make that top price at $85.68.

We do not charge a thread fee except for speciality threads such as King Tut or metalics.

Quilt top& Back preperation

Please check your top to make sure all seams are secure, a loose seam can have disasterous results if our machine catches on it.

Iron any hard creases, we will give it a gentle ironing if needed but that is all.

Mark the top of the quilt with a safety pin so we can mount it on our machine correctly.

The back must be a minimum of 3" larger in all directions, (6" wider and 6" longer) A back for our example (67x72) would be 73"x78".

The batting can be larger than the back, we will return the excess.